The era of automation: why companies optimize business processes


One of the modern trends in business management is automation. How to properly manage operational activities, keep records using modern technologies and at the same time avoid the most common mistakes that can cost the company too much? Today, modern business in any industry is trying to automate all processes. You will be surprised, but even in the gaming industry, users use automated processes. For example, you can buy a script that will help you most likely win in automatic mode. For example, on the site, you can save the most effective program for earning in a casino.

Less excel

Until recently, Excel was the only tool for managing operations. This program is used by many market players now.
Nevertheless, today there is a clear trend towards refusing to use Excel in favor of special programs. In general, the statistic shows that the larger the company is, the less it uses Excel and more actively switch to new technologies.

If we’ll consider the company up to 10 people, Excel is the No. 1 tool in the work there. Rarely, companies use some other tools. When a company grows to 20 people, it uses Excel in 33% of cases, the rest is either self-written software or some ready-made software solutions.

According to the ComTech Advisory survey, traders prefer Excel to work for the low cost of this software. It’s easy not to use special knowledge and adapt to sophisticated software.

What explains the reason for the abandonment of Excel?

The reason is simple – the larger the company is the more staff and volume of trade it has. At some point, Excel ceases to cope with the tasks assigned to it, it becomes difficult to coordinate the work of employees in time. That’s why the company misses the valuable time it takes to conclude a deal at a bargain price. As long as all formalities are followed, the market situation may change, and the chance will be missed. The integrity of the support of all business processes is missing.

Do not forget about security:

  1. Sending mails is fraught with an error in the address line and all management accounting goes to counterparties.
  2. Unchecked data manipulation in Excel for internal corruption (for example, retroactively purchasing a contract with lower prices).
  3. Industrial espionage. For several weeks-months, employees gain access to the server with data, merging which is not a problem and is not monitored in any way.
  4. Using online tools that can be accessed by cybercriminals through email access to employees who, in most cases, come up with passwords that are too lightweight or become victims of social networks.
  5. Also, sooner or later, problems arise with the introduction of large amounts of data into Excel, which becomes difficult to send by mail due to heavy files.

If not Excel, then what?

Today, companies differently solve the issue of optimizing the management of business processes. There are various offers on the market for this. The first option is to write special software. You can do this either yourself, by hiring a development team, or outsource. The second option is to use ready-made products.

A new system should be introduced gradually. For each employee, you need to find points that will benefit. If this is a logistician who spends a lot of time every day to distribute the register of vehicles, then, showing him that this register can be posted in 10 minutes, he will become motivated to use the system.

You need to start the implementation with a small coverage of business processes. Each company has chains from documentation to reporting, respectively, so you do not need to cover everything at once. It is necessary to cover one department, then the second, third, and only then link them together. When users get used to it a bit, it will be possible to completely switch to a new product.