Profitable business ideas for 2019

There are many areas for business development, but you need to understand there are some aspects that can make it either successful or failing. The most profitable business ideas for 2019 are those creating the value of a product due to its intellectual value.

Niсhe online store as the most profitable business for the beginners

In the USA, an e-commerce market continues to grow. That is why opening an online store is ranked first and is promising due to the following characteristics:

  1. As the number of Internet users increases, the number of clients is increasing too.
  2. You are not tied geographically, i.e. you can sell your products not only in your city or region, but throughout the country and worldwide.
  3. You can accept orders round the clock and without weekends.
  4. You can sell goods using any payment system (electronic wallet, bill of lading, bank transfer, etc.).

It is worth noting that not all Internet stores are successful. The websites involved in the sales of a large assortment suffer the greatest damage. And vice versa, niche stores that focus on a certain group of customers show prominent results.

This situation is due to the fact that customers trust more in stores that sell the same type of goods, especially if this is a new platform.

Things you need to know before starting a profitable business:

  • You need to invest about $700 to create a website.
  • You need about $ 2000 to purchase the first batch of goods (the amount largely depends on the value and number of units).
  • You need at least $500 a month to pay online advertising campaigns.
  • The average payback period of an online store is about six months. In most cases, the turnover increases to $10000 per month during half a year.
  • Development of the concept and start of the trade take from 7 to 15 days.
  • You do not need special knowledge if you are a confident Internet user.

Organization of food delivery

This business is very popular and common both in Europe and the United States. Being one of the most profitable activities for small and medium-sized businesses, it is also characterized by a high competition.

In the USA, many enterprises exist on the market, but in many small cities the market is not saturated and there is a shortage of couriers who can deliver food.

Experts say it’s best to start delivering pizza, sushi and baby food, since these destinations enjoy the greatest demand. If you own a cafe or a bar or you have contracts with restaurants and cafes, you can arrange a delivery of complex dinners, because people in big cities want to come home after work and rest, not cook.

Combining this service with the organization of a website can significantly increase the range of your clients.

What you need to know to start the food delivery business:

  • The cost of creating a website – about $700 (you can also open a Facebook page which is a better option if your funds are limited).
  • Costs of payment for a courier services – from $3000 per month.
  • Contracts with reliable and popular restaurants and cafes.
  • The payback period is about five months (subject to the availability of a promoted website). It may reduce to four months if you advertise delivery through the social networks.
  • You can start the business in two weeks.
  • No special knowledge is needed (except for the knowledge of your city).

Franchise as the most profitable business

It is much easier to walk on the trodden paths than to build your own. It is very difficult for start-up entrepreneurs to promote their business and attract a large number of customers to reach a break-even point at least.

A franchise of a well-known brand can help in this case, since even a beginner works on behalf of a well-known company.

Using a franchise will help you answer the question which business is the most profitable, because of the reasons as follows:

  • You will quickly reach a break-even point.
  • There is no need to test a business model because it has already been tested and works now.
  • The risk of losses is reduced, since the brand is well-known and popular.
  • There is no need to start an expensive advertising campaign.

What you need to know before starting a profitable business:

  • You need $3000-5000 for a franchise (depending on the brand).
  • You need about $700 to create a website.
  • You need about $3000 to rent a room and another $5000 to purchase of raw materials or one batch of goods.
  • Payback period is one year (or about 6 months, if the website is available).
  • Business launch will take about one month.
  • You need a knowledge of the chosen niche.

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