Online business ideas for 2019

Since the Americans have already got used to online shopping, it makes sense to sell online literally any product or service. Online sales make it possible to cut the expenses significantly and offer the consumers more attractive prices. Let’s consider the top ten online business ideas for 2019.

10. Earning on cryptocurrencies

Presently, it is no longer profitable to mine cryptocurrency at home, but you can still earn money and increase your income by about 20% per month. Don’t limit yourself to Bitcoin only, you can earn in any other cryptocurrency, which is already defined as a stable one. There are many examples of earnings, starting from such simple tasks s online ad review and up to a full-fledged work like web pages suport, filling websites with the useful content, etc.

9. Editing texts

Every year more and more underdeveloped countries are trying to enter the US market or other markets with the abundance of solvent buyers. To sell the product online, it is necessary to describe it correctly, so the search for native speakers who are ready to edit the errors in a text is particularly relevant. On average, a native speaker receives about $5 per 1000 symbols read.

8. Coaching and mentoring

The rule of any beginner businessman sounds like this: believe in yourself and find a mentor. The mentor does not necessarily have to be an expert in the field of the businessman’s interests. Instead, he is obliged to ask the right questions, prepare a beginner for any problem situation and inspire looking for the acceptable solutions. Professional coaching costs a good reward. Don’t hesitate to try, maybe you are a motivator for people, so why not take advantage of it?

7. Writing online books

Are you an expert in a particular area? It’s time for you to write an online book and share your experience with other people. We are not ready to guarantee a success because this question is very subjective one. However, your earnings will depend on how well your book solves the problems that people consider important for themselves. At the same time, it does not necessarily have to be a technical or scientific literature. Sometimes people want to read a book filled with emotions. You try working in this direction as well.

6. Promotion of websites focused on international markets

If you are good at promoting websites in your own country, why not help other people who are planning to enter your market? Share useful tips for money and remember that a professional attitude will allow you quickly find the right customers.

5. Online games for kids

Training and games remain an actual trend in 2019. If you have enough resources to develop platforms providing useful knowledge for children, don’t miss a chance to implement it. You can become a beginner in this area and earn good money.

4. Consultations on energy saving

The saving of heat and energy is one of the most important problems of the modern world. Help people use their money more efficiently. You can earn money providing a proper advice. Informational websites offering accessible information on electricity consumption, release of new saving technologies will also be popular in 2019.

3. Task automation services

Time remains the most valuable resource that the humanity tries to preserve. That is why any services that save time for a person or employee will have good opportunities for earning money. Any routine can be automated. Translations of texts, transfers, calculations, analytics and other services will become trendy in 2019.

2. Lessons for selling goods

With the growing number of entrepreneurs planning to start their own business, there is a growing demand for the sales of manufactured goods. Do it professionally, earning interest on sales of any goods and services. Develop your customer bases, combine them for different products and earn big money by working with the entrepreneurs.

1. Foreign languages

The study of foreign languages is extremely relevant at the time of globalization. Create online courses to study different languages or provide English learning services for clients from all around the globe. Online technologies allow you schedule appointments with your clients at any time.

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