How to Make Money in Cryptocurrency Markets: Latest Trends to Be Aware Of

Really, the past few years can undoubtedly be called a global financial revolution. In fact, a growing number of experts refers to cryptocurrency as the future of the global economy.

Bitcoin value has skyrocketed by orders of magnitude ever since its inception in 2008. By the end of 2017, the cost of Bitcoin reached a record high – $20,000. However, given the volatility of crypto trading markets, 2018 has become the so-called “crypto-winter”, with prices for major cryptocurrencies falling down substantially.

Despite the short-term downturn, cryptocurrency is still a promising financial instrument for people looking to boost their profits. Let’s take a closer look at the most important trends to be aware of.

2019 Cryptocurrency Trends

Margin trading will become much less popular

As a result of the 2018 bear market, trading volumes declined substantially – many traders bore large losses and did not want to risk losing even more. A lot of them sought to sell Bitcoin at an unprofitable price fearing a further decline. Others keep trading, investing more in advanced analysis and smarter decision-making.

Taken together, this will lead to a growing and more fierce competition between crypto exchanges, as they will try to retain their trading volumes and conquer their fair share of the market.

Price volatility will no longer be a major issue

While Bitcoin demonstrated significant volatility in 2017, this is fortunately much less of an issue in 2018. It is assumed that this trend will continue in 2019 and will bring price stability for cryptocurrency assets.

This is a good sign both for institutional investors and individual traders as they will feel more confident in the market and its ability to yield profits.

News and PR will no longer define the market that much

In the past years, trading news had a major impact on the cryptocurrency market. Whenever there was some piece of information about an important event or an expert opinion was voiced, the market tended to respond with an immediate change in coin prices.

Depending on the news, inexperienced traders were keen to sell or buy cryptocurrency, falling in to market manipulators. Meanwhile, the tactics of the latter are quite simple – to provoke an early sale and buy assets at a reduced price, and rarely have anything to do with the real state of the market.

Bull markets are still to come

The current state of the market is such that it has not yet fully recovered from the bear market conditions. Bitcoin value has been consistently falling down from $12,000 to $3,500 eventually. For many traders, this came as a shock.

The bearish trend will not end until the price rises to its previous levels. Most experts agree that 2019 is going to be the year when this trend finally starts.

Some projects will most likely close down

The most recent case in point, Basecoin, announced its decision to return the money to investors. This was down to regulatory requirements, since the coin is likely to be classified as a security.

A lot of ambitious projects have a hard time staying afloat, with the bear market undermining their work. Rather unfortunately, those who are already listed on the exchanges are unlikely to achieve much progress in 2019.

Other projects may not finalize their initiatives because of either being classified as securities, or because of a lack of funds. At the same time, some startups will be supported by venture capitalists who are already raising money to help them stay afloat.

Scalability will remain an important issue

Today, scalability remains a problem for many cryptocurrencies, as they have not reached the target speed of transaction processing, which would empower them to become competitors to centralized money transfer companies. Definitely more than a year is needed to put technology in place to speed up transaction processing.

Growing importance of security tokens

As soon as the regulatory framework is set forth, crypto markets will become a favorable environment for launching security tokens. Studies have shown that security token offers are better fundraising models, while the ICO has become an out of date model.

Security token is more beneficial for crypto investors as it provides a real stake in the company.

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