8 Best Sources of Financial Information Everyone Can Benefit From

Are you looking to master the art and science of managing your finance? At first, it might seem like a daunting task but don’t let that thought put you off. Today, there are a lot of helpful resources that can teach you both basic and advanced knowledge and skills and finally put you in control of your money. Go through this handy list to discover the best sources of financial information to start building your knowledge in the field.

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6 Forex Investing Tips You Must Absolutely Know

If there’s one thing both experienced and beginning traders can agree on, it’s that it surely takes a lot of patience, intelligence and perseverance to succeed in Forex trading. A lot of people enter this market with unrealistic expectations, though, anticipating an overnight success. However, the best traders take an altogether different approach: their priorities are to enhance their knowledge, hone their trading skills and fine-tune their analytics and methodology.

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Registration of a Company in Switzerland: Legal Business Support

Goldblum and Partners is a reputable Swiss-based law firm. Established in 2007, the company quickly rose to the industry-leading position in Switzerland. In addition to its Swiss headquarters in Zug and Zurich, Goldblum and Partners also maintains an international presence through its offices in Brussels, Vienna, Kyiv and Moscow. Strategically headquartered in Zug and Zurich, the company has direct access both to Swiss tax harbor and a global financial center, a requirement an overwhelming majority of businesses pursue nowadays.

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Cash Flow forecast in a business plan

Planning of cash flows at new enterprises is a fairly simple procedure . Without practical experience we can not plan receivables or availability of down payments, that’s why all cash incomes form the input cash flow. While all spending money form output cash flow. The difference between input and output cash flows forms the net cash flow for a certain period.

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How to calculate payback period in business plan

What is the payback period of business?

The average payback period of business a few years ago was one or two years. Presently, these figures aren’t relevant. Business activity of small and medium-sized businesses does not have very bright prospects for development. This is especially true of business organized in big cities.

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How to prepare a business plan for investors

There are not so many venture funds and investors in the world that are ready to invest in the implementation of other people’s business ideas.  In general, launching your own business, for example, in the USA is a pretty risky thing: only 3% of startups survive and only 1% of them really make a profit. So-called unicorn startups, i.e. projects that are an immediate success on the market and earn millions of dollars are even more rare.

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