22 most promising startup business ideas in 2019

Number 8. Care for the elderly people

A significant percentage of the world’s population is represented by the retired people. Ninety percent of them want to continue living at home and reject the idea of homes for the elderly. It is these people who create enormous opportunities for the companies aimed at serving the elderly persons. You can choose any service, for example, a driver, delivery of everything necessary for the house, cleaning, care for pets or work in the garden and in the yard. Opportunities are unlimited and any physical assistance is in demand. Beauty salon for the elderly is an entirely new service in this area.

Number 7. Monthly subscription to certain services

Think about what people need regularly and every month. There are many areas for developing business in this direction. Offer lower prices than other similar services and you will quickly create a good customer base.

Number 6. Animal service business

Services for pets are now on the peak of their popularity. It is expected that the market will reach a profit of $92 billion globally by 2020. Just take a look at the insane success of puppies in recent years. The idea for a business in 2019 is quite banal: open courses for training dogs, cats, birds, create courses for animals and their masters. Choose any activity that would make the life of the animal owners easier.

Number 5. Video creation services

Videotapes will account for 90% of all Internet traffic by 2020. There are companies that want videos to be created for workouts, events, special occasions, etc. This business grows very rapidly, so we advise everyone to study the basics of video editing.

Number 4. Social networking consultant

As the Internet landscape is expanding, small businesses as well as large corporations are looking for proficient employees who can guarantee the development of a company in the global network. If you have new ideas or knowledge of any social network, offer your services as a social networking consultant. Every major company is looking for someone who can reach out to its audience. Social networks help virtually any business increase sales. Working with Facebook or Instagram would become a good option for young people who are available online for 24 hours.

Number 3. Health improvement of personnel

The companies have finally realized it is very important to invest in the health of their employees. It is especially true when it comes to the psychological health. Such approach allows use the available human resources more efficiently, reduces the number of missed working days and returns the lost labor productivity. In fact, 2018 was the starting point for the industry and now more than 70% of employers are offered a health improvement program. Now the companies involve outsourcing firms to provide massages, yoga lessons, healthy food, coaching, meditation, etc. Companies are also hiring external firms to manage these programs. Employers spend on average $900 a year per employee in health programs.

Number 2. Leasing of necessary things

Leasing is a very useful invention of the modern world. It allows you not to spend a fortune on the things you use very rarely. Your task is to own a product that will be in demand. Spend time and resources to create good ads and build a decent customer base (for this, use any social network).

Number 1. Creating a potential customer base for the local businesses

Undoubtedly, creation of customer databases is number 1 in our rating of the most promising startup business ideas in 2019. Creating such a base for the local businesses is made through developing of optimized websites that generate potential customers for businesses. Such website should meet all the following requirements:

  1. projected growth;
  2. local competition;
  3. potential profit (the business can be expanded indefinitely since you can have 100 websites that generate potential customers for 100 different companies);
  4. profitability of time (this business can be 100% automated and passive).

We have reviewed 22 ideas for business in 2019. However, much more are still left unconsidered and not even invented. Strive for the financial independence and remember that you either build your own dream or you work someone else’s dream.

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