22 most promising startup business ideas in 2019

Number 17. Virtual reality in tourism

The era of virtual reality has already come. According to the research, people bought more than 12 million virtual reality headsets in 2016. But how to build a virtual reality related business in a right way? Pay a special attention to the world’s companies that have achieved success in various areas using virtual reality as their main tool. Today this field is especially relevant to the sale of tourism products.

Number 16. Machines with healthy food

If you enter an inquiry “machines with healthy food” into a search engine, you will receive a lot of ads on this topic and this is really a very good sign. What is the reason for such demand? Corporations want their employees to eat healthy food. If you have a startup capital of at least $30000, you can easily start this business. The industry enjoys a strong social and political support, so its active development is only a matter of time. Almost entirely passive income is a significant advantage too.

Number 15. Software school

If you work with any specialized software, you can launch a business by teaching people how to use it. It’s possible either to teach individuals or arrange small group sessions. It is a good investment to create textbooks with your own methodology of studying. You can always ask for the support of other professionals to improve the level of your courses. Do not restrict yourself geographically. Think about creating e-books, online courses, consulting in Skype, etc.

Number 14. Ecologically clear life

Building materials aimed at reducing pollution and waste are becoming increasingly popular. A successful startup dealing with the construction of straw houses is a bright example of it. Green life, life outside the network, cargo containers, tiny buildings – all of this attracts more and more attention every year. The ecologically responsible life has indeed gained enormous popularity over the past few years, as consumers’ interest in energy-saving systems is growing. At the moment, a stable demand for environmentally friendly building materials exceeds $36.1 billion and is expected to grow by 10.6% annually.

Number 13. Programs for children

Nowadays, tens of millions of children are using smartphones or tablets, so why don’t make some money working in this direction? In fact, 75% of children have an access to a mobile device. You can achieve a great success in this business provided you have a creative imagination or a support and help from creative people. First of all, focus on health promotion programs and those offering informal educational programs for teenagers. In this way, you will surely draw the parents’ attention and this may open vast opportunities for implementing your business idea in 2019.

Number 12. Ideas for renting unmanned airplane

The demand for unmanned aerial vehicles is growing at an enormous speed. These devices are vastly used in scientific research and observation. Now that the Federal Aviation Administration has completed the development of rules for the integration of unmanned airplanes into the national airspace, the industry is rapidly growing. Renting drones is another option for considering a new business. Training and certification of drone flights is also a very powerful industry for rivalry.

Number 11. Dating consultant

None of the spheres of life is so mutilated by modern technologies as live communication and real dating. The way of dating has changed now but the results remain as disappointing as they were a decade ago on the pages of Cosmo magazine. You have an opportunity to create an information product focusing on the female part of mankind and ensuring the success of the dating and happy relationships. Or you can focus on men looking for the most certain information about the ways to get acquainted with girls. So the choice is up to you.

Number 10. Repairing smartphones

This service enjoys a super high demand on the market. Have you ever considered the option of a round-the-clock repair? Or delivery service within a few hours? It is becoming very popular indeed, at least you can focus on the inhabitants of your city or region. There are many national service centers but nobody interferes with the creation of private enterprises in this area. If you have expertise in the field of repair and creative ideas for business, this is a 100% path to success.

Number 9. Gluten-free products

Sales of gluten-free products increased by 34% this year, as the client base of people with celiac disease, the most common genetic illness, grows every year. The restaurants and fast-food establishments that offer gluten-free dishes are extremely popular in many countries. You can expand your business and engage in developing online gluten-free diets or write a recipe cookbook with gluten-free meals.

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