The era of automation: why companies optimize business processes

One of the modern trends in business management is automation. How to properly manage operational activities, keep records using modern technologies and at the same time avoid the most common mistakes that can cost the company too much? Today, modern business in any industry is trying to automate all processes. You will be surprised, but even in the gaming industry, users use automated processes. For example, you can buy a script that will help you most likely win in automatic mode. For example, on the site, you can save the most effective program for earning in a casino.

Less excel

Until recently, Excel was the only tool for managing operations. This program is used by many market players now.
Nevertheless, today there is a clear trend towards refusing to use Excel in favor of special programs. In general, the statistic shows that the larger the company is, the less it uses Excel and more actively switch to new technologies.

If we’ll consider the company up to 10 people, Excel is the No. 1 tool in the work there. Rarely, companies use some other tools. When a company grows to 20 people, it uses Excel in 33% of cases, the rest is either self-written software or some ready-made software solutions.

According to the ComTech Advisory survey, traders prefer Excel to work for the low cost of this software. It’s easy not to use special knowledge and adapt to sophisticated software.

What explains the reason for the abandonment of Excel?

The reason is simple – the larger the company is the more staff and volume of trade it has. At some point, Excel ceases to cope with the tasks assigned to it, it becomes difficult to coordinate the work of employees in time. That’s why the company misses the valuable time it takes to conclude a deal at a bargain price. As long as all formalities are followed, the market situation may change, and the chance will be missed. The integrity of the support of all business processes is missing.

Do not forget about security:

  1. Sending mails is fraught with an error in the address line and all management accounting goes to counterparties.
  2. Unchecked data manipulation in Excel for internal corruption (for example, retroactively purchasing a contract with lower prices).
  3. Industrial espionage. For several weeks-months, employees gain access to the server with data, merging which is not a problem and is not monitored in any way.
  4. Using online tools that can be accessed by cybercriminals through email access to employees who, in most cases, come up with passwords that are too lightweight or become victims of social networks.
  5. Also, sooner or later, problems arise with the introduction of large amounts of data into Excel, which becomes difficult to send by mail due to heavy files.

If not Excel, then what?

Today, companies differently solve the issue of optimizing the management of business processes. There are various offers on the market for this. The first option is to write special software. You can do this either yourself, by hiring a development team, or outsource. The second option is to use ready-made products.

A new system should be introduced gradually. For each employee, you need to find points that will benefit. If this is a logistician who spends a lot of time every day to distribute the register of vehicles, then, showing him that this register can be posted in 10 minutes, he will become motivated to use the system.

You need to start the implementation with a small coverage of business processes. Each company has chains from documentation to reporting, respectively, so you do not need to cover everything at once. It is necessary to cover one department, then the second, third, and only then link them together. When users get used to it a bit, it will be possible to completely switch to a new product.

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Piter Schiff Reveals the Truth About the Damaging Effects of the Current Crisis

A few days ago, Peter Schiff, a well-known proponent of gold, shared his own considerations to the website, which highlights the freshest financial news, regarding the difficulties the U.S. economy encounters under the current recession. And we must admit that his thoughts aren’t that encouraging.

First of all, Schiff characterizes the current level of government’s spending as excessive and existing behaviour on the stock market as non-rational. Just purchase gold – this is how his straightforward recommendation looks like.

Also, he expressed his negative attitude towards the monetary policy pursued by the U.S. government. To Schiff’s opinion, current monetary policy may result in many people being ‘wiped out’ by it.

Irrationalities of stock market

Presently, we are witnessing a clearly irrational behavior of the stock market. Actually, the price of stocks is growing despite the obviously gloomy economic forecasts. To a certain extent, such growth is stimulated by the actions of the Federal Reserve System. So far, the dollar’s value unceasingly reduces and there are pretty limited hopes the situation will radically change in the nearest future.

Answering the hard question how the government should act in the current conditions, Schiff indicated the government must definitely reduce the level of its spending. He indicated that the way the government treats the interest rates combined with an inflation-based pattern of funding may have very negative long-term consequences.

Schiff also pointed out that the insolvency of market players represents the main problem for the economy. The signs of collapse have been already noticeable quite a long time ago and the crisis simply revealed how deep the problem really was.
Since the economic bubble popped, there is no way to return it to the normal state.

According to Schiff, a considerable rise of the living costs will become an essential result of the current crisis. Literally every citizen has to be ready to face unemployment challenge, increased prices ans higher interest rates.

He claimed that in terms of the present economic reality, inflation should be considered a tax. Furthermore, the most unprotected strata of society suffer most from such taxation. The very value of people’s earnings as well as savings will be substantially destroyed.

Nevertheless, there still exists a way to cope with the recession and minimize the risks of the hyperinflation. Increasing the interest rates should become a new priority for the government. At the same time, the ordinary citizens should pay more attention to such alternative option of savings as silver and gold.

Business Plans of Bars

Running a bar is a complicated business requiring much efforts. Underaged persons are not allowed to visit the bars. People come to the bar to have a drink or more and this is perhaps the main problem. Drunk clients are hard to predict. If you need some drive in your life, go ahead, this may well be your business. Below we prepared a short description of four possible bar business plans.

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Global Online Bookmaker Market to Grow 1.5 Times by 2024

At the end of 2018, the consulting company Zion Market Research conducted a study determining that the global sports betting market would amount to $155.5 billion in 2024. In 2017, the market volume was $104.3 billion, so the average annual growth rate of the industry can be at least 8.8%.

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How to Prepare a Business Plan for a Brewery

Craft beer in the United States is one of the most popular businesses. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a successful pub or bar without its own brewery. According to statistics, private small and large breweries account for about 18% of all beer produced in the United States. About 9,000 breweries operate in the country in 2019.

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Crypto Ad Networks: Some Excellent Places to Advertise Your Crypto Project

As cryptocurrencies become increasingly popular, many people look for dedicated crypto-based ad networks allowing to display crypto-related ads on their website, thus generating additional revenue from crypto projects. Putting it simply, ad networks for crypto projects advertise on their websites and generate traffic. A client receives a payout in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, as a rule) which is possible to withdraw within a week to a bank card.

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8 Best Sources of Financial Information Everyone Can Benefit From

Are you looking to master the art and science of managing your finance? At first, it might seem like a daunting task but don’t let that thought put you off. Today, there are a lot of helpful resources that can teach you both basic and advanced knowledge and skills and finally put you in control of your money. Go through this handy list to discover the best sources of financial information to start building your knowledge in the field.

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6 Forex Investing Tips You Must Absolutely Know

If there’s one thing both experienced and beginning traders can agree on, it’s that it surely takes a lot of patience, intelligence and perseverance to succeed in Forex trading. A lot of people enter this market with unrealistic expectations, though, anticipating an overnight success. However, the best traders take an altogether different approach: their priorities are to enhance their knowledge, hone their trading skills and fine-tune their analytics and methodology.

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Registration of a Company in Switzerland: Legal Business Support

Goldblum and Partners is a reputable Swiss-based law firm. Established in 2007, the company quickly rose to the industry-leading position in Switzerland. In addition to its Swiss headquarters in Zug and Zurich, Goldblum and Partners also maintains an international presence through its offices in Brussels, Vienna, Kyiv and Moscow. Strategically headquartered in Zug and Zurich, the company has direct access both to Swiss tax harbor and a global financial center, a requirement an overwhelming majority of businesses pursue nowadays.

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Business Ideas for the USA in 2019

It’s a quite complicated matter to launch a business in the USA. Future entrepreneurs enter a completely saturated market, where hundreds of professionals compete. However, looking for the ideas that will be relevant in 2019, we have to consider main unresolved issues that people and businesses face. These problems will be the basis for business ideas.

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Cash Flow forecast in a business plan

Planning of cash flows at new enterprises is a fairly simple procedure . Without practical experience we can not plan receivables or availability of down payments, that’s why all cash incomes form the input cash flow. While all spending money form output cash flow. The difference between input and output cash flows forms the net cash flow for a certain period.

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Calculation of cash flow of a business plan using Excel tools

What is the cash flow of a business plan?

The cash flow of a business plan is the difference between cash receipts and expenditures during a certain period. The cash flow can be calculated by the end of the month or the quarter. However, the cash flow for a business plan is determined on a yearly basis. For more detailed business plans, the quarterly or monthly cash flow for the first year of activity may be calculated.

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Business plan in Excel for startup

Figuratively speaking, the startup is any new business. However, investment experts often describe startup as a business project, the product or service of which take the market by storm encountering no competition, thus bringing immediate revenues. The main area of such startups is the IT industry. In our case, the startups are understood as the newly created enterprises of any industry.

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Download a business plan into Excel and get a ready model of calculations

Download the business plan in Excel for free and you will be able to make financial calculations for your business plan. We have developed an algorithm that allows you simulate the financial indicators for any business free of charge and submit them for consideration by the bank to obtain a loan.

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How to prepare the financial projections for a business plan in Excel

Essence of the financial projections for a business plan

The purpose of financial planning includes ensuring the balance between the company’s cash and material flows, reflecting future financial costs, sources of their coverage and expected financial results.

This section of a business plan is the most important and difficult one because it provides answers regarding the amount of profits received from the financial and material resources that are invested in the project.

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The best example of business plan in Exсel

What is the best example of business plan in Excel? Those who know what Excel is and can use it in a proper way, may already consider themselves specialists in finances. The only thing they need to make a business plan is the correct algorithm of calculations and economic formulas. In order not to study all the fundamentals of finances, ready-made Excel templates can be used. Pan-Plan has already developed such a template. Making use of the best Excel template, you can create a business plan to get a loan for your business.

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Business plan in Excel: download for free with Pan Plan

Download the business plan in Excel and you can compose an unlimited number of business plans and modify the input data in order to achieve a better result. The business plan in Excel can be downloaded free of charge. It provides you with the right calculations that can be used for a real business plan.

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How to make financial forecasts for a Business plan using template in Excel

Business plan financial templates includes the forecast of financial results and cash flow for 5 years and contains the main key performance indicators for creditor. The template is provided in Excel format, with no passwords and locked cells in the document. Enjoy the use!

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22 most promising startup business ideas in 2019

If you are a beginner in business, consider small projects because they are the ideas of the future. Choosing your future business, keep the following things in mind:

  1. projected industry growth;
  2. your capabilities;
  3. potential profit;
  4. the ability of the idea to be automated or transformed into passive income.

Pay attention to the ideas with a potential to grow and remember that the best time to launch a business is right now. So, let’s start our rating of the most powerful startup business ideas for 2019.

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Beekeeping Start Up Business Plan

The first thing that really matters when developing beekeeping start up business plan is to choose the apiary site responsibly. It is the apiary location that directly influences the effectiveness of honey production by the bees. The site for the apiary should be located close enough to the honey plants that bloom almost all year long. Availability of early spring honey plants and richly blooming trees like willow, maple and hazel within a radius of 3 km from the apiary is very important too. It is recommended to locate an apiary on a dry area that is sufficiently warmed by the sun. The best option would be a natural height or the artificial platform on the ground. In order to protect the apiary from the pernicious influence of wind, it’s recommended to plant a dense row of acacia or rosehip on its north side.

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Sausage production business plan

Production of sausages is a highly profitable business. Nevertheless, like any other food production it has a lot of nuances and complexities. The main difficulties are associated with the search of suitable facilities for the production site, which would correspond to all sanitary. For example, former kindergartens, dwelling houses and places of mass use are not suitable for sausage production. The minimal area of the facilities should be 50m2. However, even a small production of sausages with a daily output of 1000kg, an area from 100 to 250 square meters is needed.

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Budget for a business plan in Excel

The budget of a business plan in Excel is prepared for five years. This period is enough for the company to pass the initial stage on the market and start working at its full capacity. Considering the average payback period of startups increases every year, predicting revenues and expenses for five years is a reasonable decision.

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Business plan of e-commerce store in Excel

So, you decided to open an online business, but don’t know what you will encounter with in the future. Unlike traditional business, the behavior of the website is difficult to predict, since you will not be able to estimate future costs until you enter the market and understand the real competing conditions.

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Business plan of a cafe in Excel

Cafes are institutions specializing in the preparation of coffee beverages and tea. They also offer an assortment of pastries. As a rule, the cafes have a limited assortment. It should be noted that those institutions will be the most successful which have a unique assortment of cakes, because coffee in all cafes is almost identical.

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Business plan of a coffee shop in Excel

Market characteristics

The market for coffee has left the best times of its development far behind and now is at the level of everyday commodity like a bread. People no longer go for a cup of coffee for pleasure because this drink is used by the majority of people every day. At the same time, the market is large enough with large coffee producers and tiny shops offering coffee beverages existing side by side.

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Bakery business plan in Excel

In many countries, private bakeries are associated with a certain lifestyle, without which there is no confidence in future. Despite the fact there are hundreds of producers selling various croissants and buns in unlimited quantities in the supermarkets, people want to receive a good mood together with their baking. That’s why they tend to make orders in private bakeries.

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Business plan of a bar in Excel

Bars and taverns are the institutions where customers are offered a drink. As a rule, they also have an entertaining program allowing to detain people at night. These can be night clubs, billiards, adult clubs, etc.

The restaurant and bar business is considered the most profitable all around the world. On average, the payback period is 2-3 years. It’s no surprise that the owners try to attract the largest number of clients during this time and after radically change the concept to attract the new audience. At the same time, this business is the most risky one, since the smallest mistake made by management or hired personnel may destroy it.

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How to calculate payback period in business plan

What is the payback period of business?

The average payback period of business a few years ago was one or two years. Presently, these figures aren’t relevant. Business activity of small and medium-sized businesses does not have very bright prospects for development. This is especially true of business organized in big cities.

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How to prepare a business plan for investors

There are not so many venture funds and investors in the world that are ready to invest in the implementation of other people’s business ideas.  In general, launching your own business, for example, in the USA is a pretty risky thing: only 3% of startups survive and only 1% of them really make a profit. So-called unicorn startups, i.e. projects that are an immediate success on the market and earn millions of dollars are even more rare.

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