The best example of business plan in Exсel

What is the best example of business plan in Excel? Those who know what Excel is and can use it in a proper way, may already consider themselves specialists in finances. The only thing they need to make a business plan is the correct algorithm of calculations and economic formulas. In order not to study all the fundamentals of finances, ready-made Excel templates can be used. Pan-Plan has already developed such a template. Making use of the best Excel template, you can create a business plan to get a loan for your business.

Five websites with the best business plans in Excel

In order to find the best business plan template in Excel, you need to enter the keyword into the search engine and add the .xls extension. For instance, the best Excel business plan template or the best business plan template xls.

You will discover the search engine offers at least ten websites with business plans, but what do you actually get?

In fact, calculation of a business plan is a financial service that can not be provided free of charge, so you should not expect to receive the best business plan in Excel from such resources. However, you can still get an algorithm that allows you calculate how much money you need to open a business, as well as determine your expenses, income and profit. There are several templates that allow you receive financial performance indicators of your business plan. Let’s review them shortly below.

  1. – a business plan template is available here allowing plan financial indicators for five years.
  2. – offers a template for the calculation of the break-even point.
  3. – offers a business plan template allowing perform the calculations to define the need of funds. However, it does not calculate the planned performance indicators.
  4. – a template is available containing the tables used for the business plan preparation, but the calculations of the planned indicators are not carried out.
  5. The Pan Plan template contains all the necessary calculations, which is sufficient to prepare the business plan on your own.

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Features of business plan offered by Pan Plan

A business plan template in Excel, developed by Pan Plan, allows plan the investment costs, as well as operating costs. Plans are prepared for five years. In this case, the planned indicators include investment costs, interest rates, taxation, and planned performance indicators of the business plan.

The peculiarity of the Pan Plan’s template is that you get the main indicators of cash flow used to assess the business plan’s effectiveness. These indicators are a key while obtaining a loan to finance the business plan.

You can also get templates:

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