Registration of a Company in Switzerland: Legal Business Support

Swiss shelf company sale

Goldblum and Partners is a reputable Swiss-based law firm. Established in 2007, the company quickly rose to the industry-leading position in Switzerland. In addition to its Swiss headquarters in Zug and Zurich, Goldblum and Partners also maintains an international presence through its offices in Brussels, Vienna, Kyiv and Moscow. Strategically headquartered in Zug and Zurich, the company has direct access both to Swiss tax harbor and a global financial center, a requirement an overwhelming majority of businesses pursue nowadays.

Swiss shelf company sale
Swiss shelf company sale

Since 2007, Goldblum and Partners have been seeing a continuous growth which resulted in an impressive service portfolio of this law firm. Not only it provides inclusive legal support, it also goes an extra mile to deliver expert consulting and IT services for its clients. Its team stresses the fact that it relies upon modern technology, such as a CRM system and a variety of instant messengers, to stay on top of things and ensure its availability to clients at all times.

Moreover, Goldblum and Partners’ clients are not required to visit in person to receive the legal support they need. The law firm promptly manages the unique business needs of its clients from all over the world remotely, if need be.

A one-stop destination for all Swiss legal needs

Goldblum and Partners’ offering includes a variety of services which businesses, aspiring to establish their legal presence in Switzerland, need:

Swiss shelf company sale;
● tax law – tax ruling preparation, accounting services, etc.;
● intellectual property (IP) – patents, trademarks, domain resolution, etc.;
● banking and finance – licensing, contracts, etc.;
● compliance practices – onboarding services, external compliance, etc.;
● dispute resolution – DWI/DUI, felonies & misdemeanors, etc.

Traditional Swiss quality with Goldblum and Partners

10-year experience in the Swiss law industry

Having been dealing with the intricacies of the international and Swiss law for 10 years and counting, Goldblum and Partners has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Its team can attend to the cases of varying complexity, whether it is calculating cross-border risks, drafting loan applications or ensuring compliance with tax and regulatory legislation.

Awards & Industry Recognition

Given its extensive track record, Goldblum and Partners was granted a number of prestigious awards to mark its achievements in the law industry:

● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Business Restructuring Law Firm of the Year;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Gamechanger of the Year;
● M&A AWARDS 2017 – Best European Corporate Law Firm;
● CORPORATE INTL – GLOBAL AWARDS WINNER 2017 – Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Capital Markets Law Firm of the Year;
● Global Law Experts Rating 2016 – WINNER.

Multi-industry experience

Goldblum and Partners specializes in providing legal support for companies across the following industries:

● IT, media and technology sector;
● finance and fintech;
● agriculture and foods;
● industrial and manufacturing;
● consumer goods;
● transport and logistics.

All in all, Goldblum and Partners’ services range from sales, marketing and supply chain support to complete legal documentation and regulatory compliance.

Transparent and business-friendly pricing

Swiss business practice typically suggests applying hourly fees, but Goldblum and Partners take a different approach to their pricing policy. Rather than charging for the clocked hours, the law firm is focusing on a result-driven remuneration and charges fixed fees.