How to Log In to Morgan Stanley Account

Morgan Stanley is an American financial company, which was involved in purely investment activities until 2008. However, the global financial crisis prompted it to provide traditional banking services too. In fact, Morgan Stanley is a powerful financial conglomerate with a central office located in New York, USA.


Nowadays, Morgan Stanley is available in 42 countries operating through a wide network of about 1,300 offices around the world.

Back in 1935, Henry Morgan and Harald Stanley, the shareholders of the bank J.P. Morgan & Co., separated from it and created their own company. The strong support of the parent company as well as skillful management contributed to the high pace of growth at the very beginning. The bank managed to seize 24% of the entire IPO market in the United States during the first year of its activity. In the coming years, Morgan Stanley confidently occupied the leading positions according to many indicators.

In general, advanced technologies, data analysis and the introduction of innovations largely formed the foundation of the bank’s success. In this regard, Morgan Stanley remains one of the industry’s leaders until now.

Morgan Stanley provides a range of financial services to its clients, including corporate and private customers, government and financial institutions. The bank consists of four divisions:

  • management of corporate securities
  • wealth management
  • trust management
  • Discover Card.

Management of corporate securities deals with:

  • increasing capitalization
  • financial consulting that includes mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, real estate and project funding
  • exchange activities like foreign exchange trading, trading on commodity exchanges, etc.
  • risk management
  • research and investment activity
  • underwriting services.Wealth management division works with rich private investors and organizations with a large equity capital and provides the following services:
  • brokerage and investment consulting services
  • financial planning and estate planning services
  • loan services
  • cash management
  • trust services.Trust management is an important area of the bank’s business activity. Morgan Stanley is engaged in trust management of securities, fixed-income securities like bonds and preferred stocks, alternative investments, etc. Morgan Stanley provides services to corporate investors and organizations, including pension funds, corporations, private equity funds, non-profit organizations, government agencies and insurance companies. Trust management services are offered under such brands as Morgan Stanley and Van Kampen.Discover Card is a division dealing with credit cards and other related services. Discover Card works with MasterCard and Visa systems.

    Morgan Stanley provides its clients with an advanced online banking system. No matter in which corner of the world you are now, reaching the best banking service has never been so easy. In most cases, there is no need to track working hours to visit the bank office. With the laptop and Internet connection, you always have access to your Morgan Stanley client log in account just in a few clicks of your computer mouse.

    If you are a client of Morgan Stanley and want to enter your account, the first thing you need to do is to log in to the system. First of all, open your browser and enter the link

    After, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

    The most important thing is to enter your username and password correctly.

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