Creative business ideas for 2019

Creative business ideas are always more interesting to the buyers and therefore startups implementing such ideas can very become super profitable very quickly. New ideas for 2019 will help you define creative directions in business.

We offer you top 10 creative business ideas for 2019 that will be popular in the USA.

Number 10: Baking funny bread

This is a quite simple idea but few bakeries implement it. Probably because they are busy with more serious things. But agree that having cut off a slice of bread, it is much more interesting to see a nice drawing on the cut. Children will also eat an extra bit with a great pleasure. However, to implement this business idea, you will have to open your own bakery first.

Number 9: Thermo stones

Have you ever thought about how many liters of coffee is poured away every day just because is not hot any more? The answer is about twenty million liters. We do not know who was counting it, but it is precisely such data in one American company that has decided to sell special steel stones filled with a special material that allows make a fresh coffee not so hot, and then support its temperature so that it does not cool down. The idea has already been approved by the customers.

Number 8: Sell more with charity

Many people think this concept implies a waste of money and not earnings. But you can deal with the things that will be financed by the city or state authorities. For example, buying a chocolate, a customer knows that fifty percent of the price he has just paid will be donated to an orphanage. Or half the price of a bottle of water will be donated to support the animal shelter. The trick is that it is possible to sell almost any product in this way.

Number 7: A service that helps break the relationships

The most up-to-date service helps quickly refuse your sweetheart. It is a great invention for those who are too busy or embarrassed and cannot find the necessary words being afraid to hurt their “ex”. It is noteworthy that such services are also provided to the homosexual couples. In addition, the service assures that the ordered divorce will not result in tragic consequences, since it has professional psychologists who prepare texts for farewell letters. Of course, the service does not provide answer to the question of how to survive divorce, but it will surely help make the situation less painful for both parts.

Number 6: Providing alibi

Of course, it is not about supporting the implementation of administrative or criminal offenses. Although some departure from the moral norms is still noticeable here. Some people argue the money does not smell.

Number 5: Walls from plants

How do you think, to which extent the plants increase the productivity of employees or help relax at home? The answer is by 40 percent in both cases. This is was first noticed and introduced in the American companies. But one or two pots with flowers or a lonely palm in the corner appeared to be not enough. So, the whole wall of plants emerged: just one look and you find yourself in the jungle.

Number 4: Hotel for plants

Going for a vacation and there is no one to water your flowers while you are absent? Bring them to a hotel for plants, where they will safely await your return under the supervision of experienced gardeners.

Number 3: Home robotic photographer

A personal robot photographer will allow you post unique photos to the network. This device is quite expensive costing about two thousand dollars. It is equipped with wheels and a touch panel that can serve as a mirror. In addition, you can submit voice commands and the robot can answer you. In the touchpad, you can display clothes of your favorite animated characters, singers or actors.

Number 2: 3D photos

The success of a 3D photo studio is that the consumer wants to experience something new. Ordinary photos become too boring. What could be better for the whole family than be displayed on a 3D picture? You can create 3D photos for various albums, billboards or store exteriors. Anyway, 3D photos have great benefits compared to the ordinary photos.

Number 1: Sale of food and beverages in traffic jams

Residents of big cities know how much time can be spent in a traffic jam. Many have got used to spend this time watching a movie or listening to an audiobook. Why not have a snack while standing still? By the way, can you calculate how much money can be earned by selling food and beverages in a traffic jam two kilometers long?

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