Business plan in Excel: download for free with Pan Plan

Download the business plan in Excel and you can compose an unlimited number of business plans and modify the input data in order to achieve a better result. The business plan in Excel can be downloaded free of charge. It provides you with the right calculations that can be used for a real business plan.

Business plan developers

The business plan in the Excel has been developed by Pan Plan company for a free use by future businessmen who plan to launch their own business. The main problem for beginners is the lack of financial literacy, i.e. an understanding of the basic concepts in accounting that allow correctly calculate future earnings, cash flow and the balance value.

The business plan template in Excel is developed by the experts who deal with financial planning at a professional level. The introduced methodology of planning is a basis for the main calculations carried out in professionally composed business plans. The quality and validity of the calculations are confirmed by hundreds of successful business plans in different countries of the world. Similar services offered by experts cost from $100, but you have the opportunity to download a business plan in Excel for free.

What do you need to know to make calculations?

To calculate the business plan in Excel, think about what you should acquire in order to start your own business. The majority of funds is spent on the purchase of equipment. In addition to the equipment, you need a basic set of furniture, computers and software. For some types of business, the cost of the premises should also be taken into account. However, it is not desirable for startups to purchase premises because it is an unnecessary expense that will be a burden for the company at the initial stage.

If a business operates on a franchise basis, then these costs should also be considered. It is also worth thinking whether it will be the right thing to develop a website for the company aimed at increasing sales volumes. All these costs form the initial investment costs.

In addition to initial investment, it will take some time to finance the ongoing activity until it starts generate income. Any activity requires spending of money. These are money to cover salary, commercial expenses, advertising, lease, taxes, utility bills and other services that are essential for running business. It is necessary to consider carefully the volume of production per year and plan the required quantity of raw materials. If this is a trade business, it’s necessary to consider sales volumes and the number of goods to be procured during the year. These figures form material costs. For some types of businesses, these costs are the most important, and less important for the others.

Having calculated both initial and current costs, you can plan how much money is needed to launch a business. If you plan to take a loan, it is necessary to predict the period of lending. With the help of the template in Excel, you will be able to set the number of years to repay the loan and observe how the profit varies depending on the term of the loan.

A markup on goods is planned at the final stage. It is the basis of the enterprise’s profit. The markup should be such that the price for your products is not higher than that of competitors. Only in this case the business plan is composed correctly.

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 What is a result?

According to the planning results, you will receive 16 tables to be inserted into the business plan. Also, the calculations can be supplemented by charts that are constructed automatically in Excel. Sixteen tables describe the need for funds, as well as the main financial results. Profit and cash flow are the main indicators. Planning of the business plan performance indicators is based on a cash flow concept that reflects the monetary portion of the company’s profit, that is, the money that actually enters the balance of the company. The financial projections are made for five years.

Where can you use these calculations?

Ready tables you get from the template can be used for a business plan prepared for lenders. These calculations are enough to show the company’s ability to repay the loan.

You can also use these calculations for yourself to calculate how realistic your plans for opening a business are.

These calculations can also be used for calculations by students.

What else is it necessary to do to create a business plan?

In order to create a business plan, check out a typical business plan and make your own following the business plan’s structure. You need to make a description of your own business idea and explore the competitors and their prices. Your results in the final version will be compared to the average prices of your competitors.

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