Business plan in Excel for startup

Figuratively speaking, the startup is any new business. However, investment experts often describe startup as a business project, the product or service of which take the market by storm encountering no competition, thus bringing immediate revenues. The main area of such startups is the IT industry. In our case, the startups are understood as the newly created enterprises of any industry.

The investors are rarely interested in investing in working capital. To a greater extent, investment funds are spent on capital investments or payments to specialists working on the development of intangible assets. This asset will receive material value in the future, so in any case, the funds are invested in non-current assets.

As a rule, investments are not made in buildings. It is expedient for the enterprise to manage its capital more rationally at the initial stage, therefore, it is better to rent a premise.

The same applies to the transportation means which can be leased.

First and foremost, investment funds are spent on the purchases of equipment.

Tips for developing a business plan for a startup

Startup business plan should be accurate but not overloaded with calculations. It is impossible to predict exactly the results of the introduction of new goods on the market even for a year. It’s better to prepare a forecast for several months and gradually increase the span afterwards.

The experience in attracting investments for startups shows that the way to a success is not a consideration of the business plan as a formal document, which just needs to be presented to the investor. Instead, it should be regarded as a fully-fledged manual for action. Even when it comes to an unstudied market niche with virtually no marketing data, unclear expenses and absent team, it is necessary at least to highlight the idea which is the basis for a business plan. The document should determine the direction of the new project’s growth. The business plan should become a roadmap, analyzing which investor can understand its potential.

The main difficulty in writing a plan for the startup is the lack of marketing data and the high uncertainty regarding the future demand. When the product or service is a know-how and similar products in the market do not exist, the market analysis is largely based on intuition. So if the investor sees the table of financial flows for decades in advance, a detailed organizational structure with a full list of positions and a plan of production with the fully loaded capacities, it may be a shock for him and he will decide it’s just a nonsence and not a real business plan.

The required digital support depends on the startup’s life cycle stage, so first it’s necessary to determine the stage of the project’s development. Moving ahead, the startup can make some updates (almost 90% of the data will be reviewed), so the main mistake is to write an exact instruction with unrealistic numbers.

Beginning businessmen who want to succeed in a new segment, need to have a detailed and structured scheme of steps. Download the business plan for startups and you’ll see the sequence of calculations to be made.

Download free Excel Template

Think about the future scale of activity of the enterprise before starting the calculations.

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