Business Ideas for the USA in 2019

It’s a quite complicated matter to launch a business in the USA. Future entrepreneurs enter a completely saturated market, where hundreds of professionals compete. However, looking for the ideas that will be relevant in 2019, we have to consider main unresolved issues that people and businesses face. These problems will be the basis for business ideas.

If you manage to start a business in 2019, you will be able to operate on a fairly free market, which allows you get many customers. Let’s consider top 25 business ideas that are worth implementing in the USA in 2019. The main peculiarity of these ideas is that they are based on the unique skills and knowledge able to generate income.

Online accounting

Accounting services in the United States are pretty expensive. Companies that already operate on the market and have enough income to pay for the work of an accountant can afford these services. For a start-up business, it will be quite difficult to get a piece of advice from such a specialist. Anyway, any business owner at the very beginning should organize the accounting independently. To facilitate the process, it is possible to create online programs allowing manage finances and documentation flows in an easy way.

Business broker

Mediation is one of the areas that can be used for any activity. You can become an intermediary providing services to a consumer or a private organization trying to sell its product. Brokers can assist in obtaining a loan. Any intermediary business activity will allow you earn money in the USA in 2019.

Office space rental

The number of self-employed people in the United States increases every year. So it’s not surprising that people have a need to organize their working space. Rent halls and lease them to the employees that come to work. Create a cozy atmosphere and a place to spend the time together and then you can successfully compete with big co-working centers.

Virtual telephone operator

The work of a telephone operator is quite exhausting, that’s why not every citizen of the United States wants to do it. Lack of employees and constant staff turnover is the main feature of this industry. Try to organize this business and you’ll see it’s possible to earn good money.

Translations into different languages

The USA is a country with a developed international activity. Cooperation with different countries makes it strong and creates opportunities to earn for people who have a good command of foreign languages. The more languages a person knows and the less common is the language, the more likely it is to get fine earnings in the United States in 2019.

Analysis of indicators

Indicators can relate to any activity. There is a wide range of metrics, for instance, financial indicators, indicators of employee’s performance or sales indicators. Make an analysis and create accessible and meaningful reports based on the analysis results. This is a way to attract the attention of large organizations to your work. They may provide you with the orders to save the time of their own employees and make management more effective.

Business incubator

Not every person can create a business. You need to demonstrate the qualities of the leader as well as have your own capital and be ready for the implementation of any idea. Mentors can successfully train future businessmen, explore their activity and advise them how to start earning money. Mentors usually receive a good income or a share in business (as a rule, a minor one). If you have proven skills of analysis and strategic thinking, try to set up mentoring courses or organize business incubators.


Insurance is the basis of business in America. If you feel strong enough to organize an insurance company, then you can safely do it. There is not too much insurance in the US and many kinds of risks grow or simply change every year.

Business planning

Business plans as well as financial planning are a foundation of any effective management. The United States is a country with a developed corporate culture, so businessmen regard business planning with a proper respect. Develop your own affordable business planning methodology and attract customers.

Wood processing

Not only wood processing but also any skilled work like plumbing, welding, processing of metal and other materials will allow you make good money in the USA. This country appreciates the specialists who can do something worthy with their own hands.


The Americans love their homes and try to make them as comfortable as possible, with particular attention given to the garden. If you have a good imagination and understand the basics of architecture and design, this is definitely your direction.

Home moving services

Almost every American moves from place to place several times during his life. Moving always involves many troubles but you can earn money helping people deal with them.

Guide service for visitors

The United States is a land of opportunities for the people from many countries. Having arrived in the USA, they often feel very confused and don’t know how to start a new life. You can arrange a tour and show the places people need to know in order to organize a comfortable life in the country.


Massage is an activity that always enjoys a good demand if you are a real professional in this area and ready to work with dozens of clients every day.

Beauty services

Beauty salons do not necessarily have to be located in the central parts of cities. Women in remote districts also need quick manicure or hair coloring. Consider the places that do not yet have available beauty salons.


Doing any dirty work is a profitable business in the United States. If you can clean the house without creating any discomfort for the owners, you will have the opportunity to work independently. Another option is to organize a cleaning company that will serve several areas of the city at once.

Music lessons

If you can play piano or other musical instruments, consider the opportunity to provide private music lessons. This service is quite widespread among the Americans. They strongly believe that every person who cares about its self-development should be able to play at least a simple composition.

Development of robotic mechanisms

If you are a developer of robotic mechanisms and plan to conquer the US market, remember about two main goals. They are automation and reducing the time spent on performing the routine work.

Vertical farming

In recent years, domestic agriculture becomes more and more popular. Vertical farming is the advanced technology, allowing produce a large amount of green and fresh produced in urban conditions.

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