Business Ideas for E-commerce in 2019

E-commerce is one of the most profitable activities in all countries. If you organize the work of the website properly, such business will allow you receive higher income than that from an ordinary activity. Let’s consider top 10 e-commerce business ideas you should try in 2019.

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10. Selling various products via Amazon

Buy in China, sell in the USA or other countries. The scheme is old and simple. Amazon platform allows sellers meet millions of customers worldwide. Here you can sell literally everything, but our advice is to find the things that are necessary for the majority of users. At the same time, you can successfully sell rare products that are difficult to find on local markets. The ready-made platform does not require significant funds for the promotion. Such categories as electrical transport, pet goods and clothes for children enjoy a stable demand on the market.

9. Online store

Online trading must be included into the list of top ten business ideas in the USA. E-commerce has not reached its growth peak yet. That’s why an opportunity to reduce prices and organize the best service for the customers still exists. You can run both a large online supermarket and a small store with a limited assortment, for example, a store of healthy products.

8. Remote marketing

Sell goods and services and receive discounts for it. You can engage in sales of any product category which is well familiar to you. Having collected your own customer base, you can become the best friend of any manufacturer. Participate in affiliate programs offered by producers. If there is no suitable program, then simply offer your sales services to the store owners in return for a percentage from revenue.

7. SEO analyst

The more websites are created, the more specialized services are needed to organize sales through them. SEO analyst with a good experience is an desirable employee for any business. Find local businesses and offer them your services to increase sales by means of website optimization.

6. Niche website

Find the niche that is missing in your area and sell goods through an online store. The population will receive a product at an affordable price, while you enjoy a steady income. Nowadays, jewelry, leather goods and status items are the most popular.

5. Creating software for phones

Presently, software for phones is in demand, since mobile traffic increases every year. Financial services are the most profitable ones. Applications allowing organize work will be useful too. Entertaining applications that are of a practical value may also bring you good money.

4. Subscription service

You can follow hundreds of websites and determine the most profitable offers that may be of interest to the public. Such offers will allow customers save significantly. Instead, you will earn good money offering a paid subscription to the newsletter with the most profitable offers.

3. Digital products

This is mainly a business-oriented service. Digital products include but not are limited to the software products that perform the functions of the automated accounting and analysis. Similar services can find their customers all around the world. Depending on the uniqueness of the service, such websites can be quite profitable or even provide a completely passive income.

2. Educational courses

Non-formal education is gaining popularity in many countries of the world. If you have unique knowledge, why not to share it with other people? To do this, simply finish the courses on creating digital products and launch training programs for customers. It may seem odd, but the astronomy courses are popular now. People are also interested in how to build mutually beneficial relationships both at work and in their personal lives. Educational services in various areas, especially in the field of digital business, are also relevant. Programming, being the source of the highest salaries, can be submitted either in the form of courses or remote mentoring. Foreign language courses are very popular too. Nowadays, software engineers create applications allowing learn a language even without the participation of a teacher.

1. Rental of websites

Think you are good at creating websites? Create it for any company that will rent it in the future in order to sell its own products. To do this, create a set of websites for different types of activities. Then make optimization for different key queries and offer them for rental at a price lower than website promotion. This will be a good alternative for many manufacturers and vendors, compared to the creation of their own project.

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