8 Best Sources of Financial Information Everyone Can Benefit From

Are you looking to master the art and science of managing your finance? At first, it might seem like a daunting task but don’t let that thought put you off. Today, there are a lot of helpful resources that can teach you both basic and advanced knowledge and skills and finally put you in control of your money. Go through this handy list to discover the best sources of financial information to start building your knowledge in the field.

1. Amazon Video streaming service

financial news Mytv enter code
financial news Mytv enter code

Amazon Video is one of the most content-rich and diverse streaming services you’re going to find online. For a fraction of the cost, you can access its vast library of finance-related documentaries, movies and tutorials. To get started, just subscribe to the streaming service, apply your amazon.com/mytv enter code and dive deep into the world of financial information. One of the most popular resources you can find on Amazon Video is An Entire MBA in 1 Course by an Award Winning Business School Professor, Venture Capitalist & Author.

2. Free finance tutorial from the University of California Irvine

Freebies are a great way to get started on your path to mastering financial education. The one from the University of California Irvine is genuinely priceless. Fundamentals of Personal Financial Planning is a free 22-lesson crash course that guides you through the basics of financial planning. Not only will this course teach you how to keep track of your money, it will also provide you with plenty of saving tips to pay back your mortgage, student loans, etc.

3. Resources from Goodwill Community Foundation

Over ninety free courses will navigate you through everything from budget planning and saving to choosing the right loans and banking options. This educational resource offers both the basics of finance and insights into the latest financial trends and skills needed to master them. You can even take a test after every lesson to seal your knowledge.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy features an amazing selection of financial information on a variety of topics: investment, taxes, personal finance, debt as well as the effects of the state of the national economy on personal finances. These helpful resources will provide you with a solid understanding of finance on both the micro and macro level.

5. Yahoo! Finance Education

Yahoo! might be your favorite search engine but it also offers a wealth of financial information to learn and benefit from. You can use Yahoo! Financial Education to find an explanation for literally any financial and investment term. As well as that, Yahoo! Financial Education serves as a news aggregator providing a handy list of news from the world of finance.

6. The Motley Fool

One of the oldest online financial resources, The Motley Fool was founded by Gardner brothers back in 1993. The variety of content featured on their site is enormous: from podcasts and radio shows to books and latest news. The Motley Fool also offers premium service for those seeking advanced investment consulting.

7. BlackRock Blog

For professional insights into the investment vehicles and strategies, go to the BlackRock Blog which is one of the most valuable sources of financial information online. If you already have some background in investing or have already mastered some other tutorials, you will find this blog extremely helpful thanks to its professional analysis and dissection of financial matters.

8. Freakonomics Radio

freakonomics radio
freakonomics radio

Founded by economists Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, this radio show teaches finance in an interesting, engaging and entertaining manner. Apart from the financial side of things, its hosts also discuss rational and irrational human behavior and various ways of solving financial problems.