6 Powerful Ideas to Launch an E-commerce Business

Do you want to start your own business and look for inspiration? Then this article is exactly what you need. We offer you six powerful E-commerce Business ideas that will help you find a profitable niche in 2019.

Selling spare parts or equipment for automobiles

It is a well-known fact that automakers earn most not selling new cars but supplying spare parts and accessories to them. The demand for spare parts will always be high. It grows even in crisis times because people prefer to repair an old car rather than to buy a new one.

Launching an online store of spare parts for cars is a quite complicated matter requiring significant investments. However, it allows to reach not only your local area but also the whole region or even the country.

To make the E-commerce Business more efficient, you can choose a niche segment of automobile spare parts and focus all efforts on it. This approach allows to explore and understand the needs of the customers very well so you can provide the best selling offers and became an appreciated professional in a given field.

Invertero.com is a perfect example of a nich business. The website sells the inverters, i.e. the devices that convert direct-current power to usable house current. It’s obvious that people dealing with such narrow specialization know literally everything about the product and can offer a solution that suits the customer in the best possible way.

Selling gift boxes

The very idea is to create gift boxes with a unique design. You can purchase the boxes in wholesalers at a quite low price. Then come up with the design ideas and put them into practice.

You can sell your products through your own online store, on various e-commerce platforms, in social networks and conventional stores. You will also need to spend some time developing a marketing strategy.

Selling T-shirts with original prints

Nowadays T-shirts with popular phrases or unusual prints are enormously popular. In addition, paired T-shirts or “family look” T-shirts (i.e. for all family members) are also in great demand.

You need to purchase special equipment for printing on fabric to launch the production. The price of a starting kit is 800-1000 dollars. So, the payback period will not be short. It’s likely to take about four to six months depending on your sales volumes.

You can sell T-shirts in Instagram or through your own website. Apart from money, the business also requires developed skills of SMM management.

Manufacturing and delivery of unusual bouquets

Unusual bouquets are very popular now. We mean bouquets of fruits, vegetables, sweets, toys and even cheeses and sausages. You can look for ideas in the Internet and sell finished products in Instagram.
This option does not require a lot of starting capital but you should understand the fundamentals of promoting accounts in social networks. You also need to think about an advertising campaign. It’s possible to deliver the bouquets by mail, through taxi drivers or the customers can buy them right in your office.

Selling handmade wooden products

This is a promising business for people with good skills in woodcarving or painting. It’s possible to create products according to the customer’s sketches as well as develop your own the design ideas. Handmade art is very appreciated now and the range of small wooden products is literally endless.

You can buy raw wood products on the Internet at a fairly reasonable price. Therefore, this idea does not require significant investments of money. You can sell your products on e-commerce websites, social networks and in souvenir shops.

Soap making

Beautiful soap can be a great gift for any friend. In order to succeed in this business, you need to come up with a really unique and interesting design. No special skills are required, you can start studying a soap making technology by means of the Internet. Initial investments are minimal in this case.Take care of the promotion of your online store as well as beautiful packaging. The success of this business activity entirely depends on your creativity and your desire to earn.

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