6 ideas for café business

Here is a set of promising business ideas that may generate a good income for the whole family. These cafes are not targeted at a large number of visitors, that’s why they should be cozy and interesting. The founders will have the opportunity to be creative in order to introduce something special.


This is a business for the whole family. In fact, profit generated by the cafes is far less than that of the restaurants. But the amount of investments in cafe business isn’t that substantial. A reasonable combination of simple menu and warm atmosphere may contribute largely to receiving a steady income.  https://runumber.net/samples/cafe-business-plan/

Coffee shop

Nowadays, wherever you go, you can see lots of coffee kiosks. Small towns usually provide more growth opportunities for coffee kiosks, since the market is not oversaturated. If you dream of running your own restaurant but have no relevant experience yet, try to start with an easier option and open a coffee shop. Running a coffee shop is a much simpler matter allowing you to obtain all necessary experience. https://runumber.net/samples/coffee-shop-business-plan/

Hookah café

If you know how a good hookah should look like, try to open your own hookah café. Actually, hookah cafes are popular among a very limited number of people. That’s why don’t open another hookah cafe in a small town, as customers may not be enough. Feel free to open a hookah cafe in big cities, the clients there are always enough. https://runumber.net/samples/hookah-cafe-business-plan/


If you don’t want to cook anything, you can open an anti-cafe. In this case, focus on entertaining your visitors at the highest possible level. If you think you are a good mixer and know how to unite people around an interesting idea, you have pretty good chances to achieve success. Fees to the famous people who entertain your visitors will account for the major part of your expenses.

Tea café

This business is of a double nature: it can be both simple and complicated. Coffee and tea are interchangeable drinks, so running a tea or coffee shop has many common features. But if tea cafe is a place for tea ceremonies, it is a very difficult business. So the availability of a right audience largely defines the choice of a business model. Remember also that many people will visit your cafe every day but only a few of them will become regular clients.

Cafe for children

Perhaps the most attractive side of the family cafes is the possibility to make use of the children’s playground. Apparently, the target audience is parents and their children. The main to task to cope with are a well-thought menu and experienced animators to entertain children. The parents have several minutes for themselves while the children are occupied with their games.